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Core Values and Strategic Plan

Core Values

At Myingyan Degree College we value;

(1) Providing a lively and welcoming venue for student programs and activities and creating an informal space for socializing and meeting new people;

(2) Bringing diverse groups of people together to engage in purposeful dialogue to create mutual understanding, civic education and leadership opportunities; and,

(3) Working to empower and educate individuals and institutions within the college community to develop, implement and support systems of inclusion.

Strategic Plan

(1) To establish a diverse faculty of outstanding teachers, scholars a diverse, highly qualified, service oriented staff, all committed to the our visions, mission and values;

(2) To keep Curriculum and Syllabus to abreast with international standard;

(3) To design advanced methods for teaching and learning processes including research-based activities and student-centred activities.

(4) To generate students as intellectual and intelligentsia leading and motivate regional people for the benefits community.

(5) To build Academic atmosphere conducive to learning.

(6) To provide a high quality educational experience that stretches students to develops skills and values to enable them to reach their full potential.

(7) To create academic atmosphere conducive to learning.